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Welcome to the PAYDAY 3 Modding Documentation site!

We are only at the beginning of the life cycle of this game, but it has already been proven that advanced modding is possible.


We recommend you join the Moolah Modding and ModWorkShop Discord servers for questions and to interact with experienced members of the modding community.

For Users

The Moolah Mod Launcher is not yet available for public use. Check back later for a download link and instructions.

For Developers

This documentation will guide you through two ways of modding:

  • Using the Unreal Editor, with a modkit containing assets generated from the game
  • Using UE4SS, which is mainly a LUA toolkit and runtime property inspector

Returning Modders

Many things have changed since PAYDAY 2, to view some big changes that will affect PAYDAY 2 mappers, view the PAYDAY 2 to PAYDAY 3 Cheatsheet page.


Explain where people can go to contribute to the modding toolchain and documentation.